Who Else Wants a Cheap Destination Wedding?

Your destination wedding planning will not only be about the destination location, it will revolve around cost as well. There are several kinds of expenses involved in a destination wedding. You and your guests will have travel expenses. You will of course have the typical wedding costs. Then, there are the expenses associated with hotel rooms. You can have your dream destination wedding by heeding these few savings tips Plaza Hotel Wedding Chapel

Save money on travel arrangements

You can save money by asking those guests that will be coming from the same location to make their travel plans as a group. You can save as much as 10% on the airline tickets when you ask for a group rate when booking the flights. When choosing on the day to get married, think about when peak season is for your wedding location and choose your wedding date so that it falls in the off season because airlines have lower fares at those times.

Possible free wedding at resorts

Some all-inclusive resorts will give you a free wedding if you stay at the resort. Ask about this benefit when you call resorts. If you are getting help from a travel agency, you may be given brochures for different resort destinations. Check the brochures for this benefit and other similar savings.

Discounts with wedding planner services

Some websites and even hotels offer wedding planners as a feature to their guests. Check out the hotels at your selected location to see if they have “wedding planner services”. If they do, they often give big discounts and even free wedding plans. Destination websites will also have wedding planner services that can save you time and money on the ceremony. Be certain about how many guests are included in any package deal offered by a wedding planner. If you are lucky, the first and last thing you plan may be which hotel to book, and the hotel wedding planner will take over and you will have the destination wedding planning done for you. Now, not only have you saved money, you’ve saved yourself some wedding planning stress too.

Villa, hotel, apartment

Once your destination is decided, you may want to check around to see if there are any alternative accommodations for your guests that may present some savings, like villas or apartments in the area that they could rent. Most popular destination spots are used to these requests. These locations may have special low prices for wedding guests.