5 Revenue Tips

I devote a lot of time talking to auto glass shops during the week, and this week it struck me one of the most necessary aspects of selling into customers (some customers, for that matter) is the capability to advertise and supply exceptional service–within the phone or in person. Here are five tips that I thought of the I hope will be good for you:1.) Assume the Sale
The customer is phoning you or submitting an online service request because they’re contemplating you. Close the deal with making them know you’re the perfect option. Help them make the decision by phrasing your questions properly. Instead of asking “would you wish to program service?” Try “When would you would like to program service? I have got some openings Friday.”
2.) Respond Quickly
I think Al’s forged with this point within this site, but Internet clients expect pace. Should they would like to get windshield repair or windshield replacement, they then want itnow*. The rule is phone within 5 minutes of receiving an agency ask and always answer your phone within the first two or three rings. If you’re understaffed and needing a fantastic deal of phone calls or online support requests, then it might be time to employ a individual to answer the phone and schedule auto glass jobs fulltime.
3. Follow Up
In the event you cannot get to the customer on the first call, leave a message time call every hour that the first day until you strike on them (obviously, don’t leave a message each time–that the customer won’t enjoy that). Folks have busy schedules, so work collectively windshield repair cost. If you don’t hit them the very first day, then call 1 time every day for a second 3 days before you give up after up. Trust me this follow up functions.
4.) Make Word of Mouth
Go out of your way to the customer. Clean their brand-new windshield until it sparkles. Vacuum their car or truck. If you don’t locate them in person, create a label dangling in their rear-view mirror with a safe drive-away time so they will understand you’ve been there. Remain in contact with them before their appointment they will know when you’re arriving. We’ve found that customers are incredibly pleased when their car glass replacement or repair goes according to plan, and when one of the friends needs a windshield, then they’ll think about you.
5.) Get Client Ratings
Send out a personal email reminding every client to publish their tests. Recently one of our partner shops started doing this and also the number of tests improved radically. If your installer suits the customer, they ought to ask the customer in person to submit their score. These tests link closely together with shoppers, so the more positive evaluations that you have, the greater you look to potential customers.